Located on the third floor of the Univeristy Union, The Lab is responsible for creating design collateral for The University Union, The WELL, UNIQUE Programs, and a variety of other clients. A typical internship elsewhere may have you spend the first few months brewing coffee or dropping off someone's dry cleaning–but not here! In this position you will have a widened scope of responsibility and involvement over that of your typical internship. You will work on actual projects from concept to production, and have something to show for it in the end.

Design Interns will work closely with the members of our staff experiencing a little bit of everything we do here–poster design, multimedia work, large displays, campaign building, logo concept, and much more. We emulate concepts and methods currently emphasized in the Department of Design's curriculum; sketching, brainstorming, software skills, typography, production techniques, working cooperatively and craft, craft, CRAFT!

Yes, you will generate work for your portfolio. Yes, this position is paid. And yes, candidates are required to be enrolled at Sacramento State as a design student. We require that you work roughly 16–20 hours a week in our studio during the semester and upwards of 32–38 hours per week during winter and summer breaks. 

A design intern at The Lab plays a crucial role in a fully functioning, team oriented design studio with real deadlines. As a result, you will gain valuable experience in an environment which closely simulates what you are likely to encounter after graduation. All that we ask is that you come prepared to hit the ground running. We are only looking for people who are fully committed, ready to learn, and eager to develop a greater passion for design.

Please visit our portfolio if you would like to get an idea of the work we do.

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