Information Desk

Information Desk


The University Union Information Desk is here to assist you! Conveniently located on the first floor of The University Union, we are open seven days a week when Sacramento State is in session. Our knowledgeable staff do their best to assist students, faculty, staff, visitors, and the community with any questions in person, via phone and online. In addition to general information about The University Union and the Sacramento State Campus, we provide an array of services such as:

Transportation Services

  • Regional Transit schedules and maps
  • Hornet Shuttle schedules and maps
  • Campus Parking (UTAPS)info
  • Night shuttle escort

Directory Assistance

  • Surrounding area info
  • Extensive Union building & campus info
  • Directions to buildings, offices & departments on campus
  • Campus faculty/staff directory contact information and assistance
  • Local telephone books (Yellow and White Pages)
  • Emergency referral assistance

General Services

  • Lost & found
  • Campus & University Union maps
  • Campus event info – including dates, locations, and time
  • Brochure/flyers for campus activities and services
  • Display cases for approved campus sponsored events flyers/pamphlets
  • Union daily event schedule
  • University Union polices info
  • Hours of operation for the University Union

Complimentary Services

  • Car jump starter/ air compressor
  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Mother’s Lounge access & Mother’s Lounge locations
  • Basic office supplies available for use
  • Wireless Internet access information

Stop by, call us, or e-mail us with you questions!

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