Mother’s Room

Mother’s Room

In an effort to provide a welcoming environment for all members of the campus community and guests, we have provided a Mother’s Room on the third floor of The University Union, near the South elevator.

The Mother’s Room is a private space where lactating mothers are welcome to pump or nurse. The room is equipped with a comfortable chair, small sofa, small table, sink, mirror, changing table and electrical outlets.

Nursing mothers may check out a key from The University Union’s Information Desk. Photo ID will be required.

There are also other Mother's Room/ Lactation Rooms located througout campus, please see listing below.

Lactation Stations:
Children’s Center- Special Care Room
Amador Hall 500- Inside Women’s Restroom
Capistrano Hall 130 and 159- Inside Women’s Restroom
Sequoia Hall 303- Left of the Elevators
Tahoe 2007 and 3006- Women’s Restroom

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