And Bring to Bloom the Flowers

And Bring to Bloom the Flowers

And Bring to Bloom the Flowers

An exhibition of new work by Mustafa Shaheen


Exibition Dates: January 25, 2016 - February 18, 2016

Artist Statement

The idea of empathy is interesting to me. This facet of everyone’s being that allows individuals to identify with others has always felt worth exploring. From a young age, drawing was a way for me to connect to the world. As I’ve grown older, this effort has evolved into painting and portraiture. I am compelled to create in an attempt to bridge what feels like an expansive gap between myself and the outside world. The discipline of portraiture is a special way for me to form a connection between the subject and myself. Capturing the physical form and presence of a person though the medium of paint is much more intimate and interesting to me than the use of any other method; doing it in a realistic manner helps strengthen my connection to the individual. And Bring to Bloom the Flowers is an exploration in forming that special bond. Each person shared a story of something that bears some importance to them and then they were photographed with that item. I materialized my understanding of the subject through these articles of relevance. This was my experience and whatever resonates with you is now yours.

About the Artist
Born in Egypt, in 1985, and raised in Qatar until the age of eleven, Mustafa Shaheen moved to the United States in 1996. He attended California State University, Sacramento and earned his BA degree with a major in Art Studio in 2015. After receiving the 2nd place award at The University Union Gallery’s 2014 Student Purchase Show and then 1st place in 2015, he was invited to exhibit his work. He plans to further his education through a master’s program. 

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