Campo de Sueños

Campo de Sueños

Campo de Sueños

Mexican American baseball history in Sacramento.


Exibition Dates: August 26, 2019 - September 19, 2019

Artist Statement

Campo de Sueños: Mexican American Baseball History in Sacramento explores the overlooked stories of Sacramento’s Mexican American sports community and connects the history of athletes, teams, and the community to the broader Mexican American experience in the region. In Sacramento, as Mexicans labored in the region’s farms, canneries, packing houses, and at the Southern Pacific Railroad, baseball served as the primary recreational and leisure activity. The game, however, meant much more than just an entertaining and leisurely pursuit, as baseball served to reinforce a sense of community pride and ethnic identity for the men and women who played. Through breath-taking historical images, items, and oral history, this exhibit brings these largely unknown stories from Sacramento’s Mexican American community into the public eye.

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