Art by the Form collective.


Exibition Dates: February 23, 2015 - March 19, 2015

Artist Statement

“Forms gather meaning from their historical moment.”—Felix Gonzalez-Torres

An art collective brings together a variety of disparate interests within and without art history. The subject matter has a multitude of discrete references. Their first group show, Commune: Art by the FORM Collective offers a unique insight into how those references are connected. 

Members of the FORM collective are training in their relative visual languages, represented at the University Union gallery by painting and ceramics. Each student-artist is discovering ways to connect to the historical moment. They do so through the figurative tradition, through landscape, and an exploration into materials and color. They share a curiosity for representation and a personal investment to an accurate articulation of an emerging imagery sometimes intimate, fierce, tormented or blissful.

The FORM Collective is composed of CSUS Studio Art majors. It was established recently in Summer 2014. The members find in one another new methods in their relative traditions. They find a competition and a desire for profundity. More than anything, they find a pleasure in communicating the ineffable. 

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