A journey into an ethereal realm; a collection of acrylic dreamscapes painted by Molly Devlin.


Exibition Dates: October 24, 2022 - November 17, 2022

Artist Statement

Dreammaker is a collection of works by contemporary surrealist artist, Molly Devlin. Devlin’s work is inspired by her love of nature and yearning to understand our relationship with the natural world. Her style is most recognized for considerable intricacies, illuminated within surreal and organic dreamscapes. Bizarre mutations of earthly beings; fabricated to transcend our known ideas of the physical world. Fungi, plant life, oceanic, and terrestrial; Devlin examines the multicellular world with an attention to detail. Her paintings provoke fantastical suggestion into the secrets of these animal kingdoms; how they relate, resemble, and morph into one another.

Image Gallery

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