IMPACT: Organic Flux

IMPACT: Organic Flux

IMPACT: Organic Flux

In this exhibition, the artists’ intention is to translate the idea of flux through both abstraction and representation of the organic. The multimedia works in this exhibition, created by members of the IMPACT club, aim to capture the many textures that organic substances create within their environment. Organized by Genesis Torres.


Exibition Dates: October 25, 2021 - November 4, 2021

Artist Statement

Organic Flux

This exhibition of multimedia works portrays both representation and abstraction that interprets the idea of Organic Flux through concept, texture, and movement. IMPACT members have created dialogue about the inspiration that comes from our external environment, and the ebb and flow of how navigating our surroundings influences our experiences and perspective.

Flux  n.

  1. the action or process of flowing or flowing out.
  2. an abnormal discharge of matter from or within the body.

Organic  adj.

  1. 1.relating to or derived from living matter.



The acronym—Individuals Motivating Progress Across Communities Together—defines the primary goal of IMPACT club; a collective of multidisciplinary members who garner resources to promote personal, educational, and career growth within their local region. IMPACT is focused on developing a diverse community and welcomes all students with an interest in creative process and collaboration.


Showing Artists

  • Zoe Nelson
  • Bernadeth (Julie Crumb)
  • C. Quinn
  • Ember de Boer
  • the Mayor AKA Genesis Torres
  • Sarai Bustos
  • Sage Stanley
  • Elizabeth Kellogg

Image Gallery

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