Still life mixed media pieces, observations of the everyday. Work by Sarah Golden.


Exibition Dates: April 24, 2023 - May 18, 2023

Artist Statement

Sarah Golden is a fine artist and surface pattern designer who was born and lives in Sacramento, California. She creates her pieces by painting on canvas, panel, and paper, mixing media, and incorporating collage and print-making techniques. Some of her ongoing bodies of work include abstracted landscapes, mixed media plants, and interior collages using vintage papers and monotypes. Her work has been featured in Uppercase Magazine, Nylon, and Where Women Create. Sarah is dedicated to her studio practice, self-education in art, experimentation, and finding ways to connect people with her art.

“This body of work focuses on interiors, breaking them down into simple objects. A table that displays only a few carefully selected objects - sparse, contained, and with whimsy. There is so much messy and chaotic life happening off the page, just out of frame, in private. This is my visual antidote and balm for burnout and overwhelm.”

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