A Group Sculpture Show exploring change, growth, and transformation through artistic expression. Organized by Denise "Dee" Benitez-Gonzalez.


Exibition Dates: November 22, 2021 - December 2, 2021

Artist Statement

META:morphosis explores the interpretation of change, growth, and transformation through artistic expression. This show brings together different stages—and visions—of this evolution on either a personal, spiritual or universal scale. The art presented sheds its skin exposing rawness and truth beneath while emerging from its proverbial cocoon, bringing about the light hidden within the layers. 

The artists chosen have embodied metamorphosis through the exploration of material, such as clay, metal, and a variety of other materials, along with the use of color, light, and textures. The materials chosen inform the work, but so do the forms that each work takes. The layers shift, the forms mutate and interact to make connections, fracture points, while surprising moments of unexpected growth and change occur. In artist Laura Hansen’s work, Contained, (2021) there is a sense of confinement, much like a cocoon is a restrictive container, and in that restraint, there is the chaos of transformation before a new iteration of self can emerge. In sculptor Matthew Pugh’s work, Ascending Remains, (2021) that internal struggle is illuminated further, as the form is literally pushing and stretching out into the space it inhabits as it wills itself to break free. That is the underlying beauty of metamorphosis: the works are in different stages of transmutation in their journeys and life cycles and are ready to become better—and surprising—versions of themselves.

Image Gallery

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