An odyssey into the world of non genetically modified, mutated organisms.


Exibition Dates: September 28, 2015 - October 22, 2015

Artist Statement

The Origin of My Pathology
Things that crawl, bite, squirm, slither and cause serious harm; those are the things I dream about. Snakes, lizards, carnivorous mammals, birds, and insects with large mandibles are the most amazing organisms in my surreal world. As a child I was lifting rocks, digging through the mud—indulging in the fascinating world of nature, meticulously studying any and all small cantankerous animals I could turn up. With age I continued my obsession by studying the very creatures I had become so familiar with. My passion for these animals progressed into art—visions began to ooze out of the deep, dark recesses of my brain and that's how my characters began to take form. Deconstructed from their original appearance, these organisms morph and take on a new identity full of color and emotion. The physiology that used to separate these creatures becomes less distinct. Soon it will become difficult to discern which animal originally flew, swam or crawled, but one thing is certain—all will most likely continue to bite, I hope!

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