(N)EON: The New Eon

(N)EON: The New Eon

(N)EON: The New Eon

A surreal, luminous, spiritual, and imaginative visual narrative about culture, legacy, and futuristic perspectives by contemporary artist Delgreta Brown.


Exibition Dates: January 26, 2015 - February 19, 2015

Artist Statement

The concept of the exhibition is neon—it represents a most distinct and vibrant color. However, I wanted to expand the mere definition of the word. To me, the word came to mean Neo (new) + Eon (age, life, being, or eternity). The phrase "The New Eon" corresponds to my intentions to imagine the future. Afrofuturism offers visualization of a new age filled with infinite possibilities. I convey this neo-futurism through an African-American cultural perspective. 

The works in this exhibition have a surreal, ethereal or dream-like quality that underscores a sense of time displacement. Collectively, these works promote positivity, are uplifting and are spiritually engaging. Themes in the exhibition are: identity, femininity, prosperity, social change, escapism and exploration. The influences found in my work are vast, yet, include: neuroaesthetics, quantum physics, mythology, world history and Eastern philosophy. As an integral part of my work, I continue to utilize the language of colors and emphasize its ability to communicate symbolically.

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