Project Eve

Project Eve

Project Eve

An exhibition about the image of the perfect woman that resides in every man. This series embodies wisdom, desire, instinct, and appreciation for beauty. Work by Aaron Lee.


Exibition Dates: September 26, 2016 - October 20, 2016

Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of the world we live in. I agree with Matisse when he said, “all art is religious.” My work explores the themes of spirituality, consumerism, popular culture, psychology and contemporary elegant design. My goal is to create remarkable art and continue in the dialog with the great masters of art history. I believe in the power of creativity and the power that fine art has to provide healing and inspiration for the viewer. I paint on canvas with oil paint, and also explore working with acrylic and spray paint for diverse textures and techniques. I also enjoy working in sculpture, jewelry making, product design and printmaking. I am fascinated by philosophy, color relationships and precision craftsmanship. My dream is to open a youth center and teach young people how to be creative in the areas of art, music, and mental health. My goal is to exhibit my work in museums, in public art displays and in galleries with the intent to engage people with the power of creativity, and to help them believe that everyone has a genius that needs to blossom.

—Aaron Lee

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