Spring Delusions

Spring Delusions

Spring Delusions

A meandering search for the chaotic images of despair and blooming hope, of symmetry and simplicity, and of questions and possibilities. A solo exhibition of work by Zahra Ammar.


Exibition Dates: August 27, 2018 - September 20, 2018

Artist Statement

We as humans, crave for dialogue. There are times when words are just not enough, or those sensations we feel deep inside can not be formed. At times like this, any form of art can bring about conversations or open an avenue for such feelings to flow through. With my new work, I’ve tried to bring about a long overdue conversation that T.S Eliot began in his 'The Wasteland'. Why is April the cruelest month? What is wrong in awakening that which has been burdened and numbed by winter? What struggle does the spring rain bring when it stirs everything up?

Spring Delusions glimpses on the brilliance of things in bloom even with it's impending doom. As part of nature, we are always blossoming with our inner hopes and sinking in our memories, creating connections and drowning in insecurities, stuck in our chaotic despairs but also hopeful. From the symmetry and order of the 3D pieces to the budding floral scapes to imagined abstract ideas, each piece is a conversation to the rhetorical questions posed above. 

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