Static Motion

Static Motion

Static Motion

Nicholas Hernandez presents an evolution of textural experimentation that encourages en-gagement through layers of dimension and color.


Exibition Dates: November 18, 2019 - December 12, 2019

Artist Statement

I am a California native mixed media artist with a BA in Art and Design. Most of my inspiration stems from my professional background in Apparel Design, where I’m constantly browsing textiles, color, and trend forecasts for upcoming seasons. Texture and experimentation are a huge element in all of my work. It adds another dimension to my paintings and engages the audience to get up close and personal in a way 2D art might not. Mixing organic elements with refinement is a theme throughout my work that really creates a contrast and interest.

With Static Motion being my first exhibition, I wanted to challenge myself and try something new with every piece. Each painting is independent of itself and each have their own story behind it. I do have many pieces that have “Self Reflection” statements that question the audience’s own life and invites them to be a part of the piece itself. For example, the painting titled “How Will You be Remembered” is painted and finished to mimic a distorted mirror that reflects the audience looking at it and includes them to be a part of the work. The vibe of the entire show is to uplift the audience with positivity and inspire.

The title “Static Motion” was inspired by two main ideas. The busy hectic world of social media and how our minds are in motion always looking down browsing, working, liking, commenting, editing, etc., but our bodies are in a static state. This idea inspired me to create “No Signal.” Static Motion also describes the exaggerated texture that I love working with and how the movement of the texture seems to be frozen in time.

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