The Babymama Effect

The Babymama Effect

The Babymama Effect

A story of metamorphosis. A visual and audio experience by Aliyah Sidqe.


Exibition Dates: January 24, 2022 - February 17, 2022

Artist Statement

The butterfly effect is a theory studied for decades by many historians and mathematicians. This theory refers to how insignificant actions can lead to greatly different results. In this collection of paintings, I explore this concept of the butterfly effect and take the viewer on a journey with me as I discover how one seemingly small event changed my life forever.

Through this visual and audio autobiographical experience, you’ll see my journey over the last 2 years through pregnancy, infidelity in my relationship, a devastating break up, single motherhood, co-parenting and learning to love again. This series highlights the importance of weathering through the tough times, healing and transcending into a better version of self through the times that could have defeated me.

Many women have found themselves in relationships that do not serve their highest good. Many have been mistreated within their relationship and without knowing they deserve better. Many have become single mothers or “baby Mamas” who never thought they would. It is important for me to share my experience of how I navigated through these critical moments of my life and how beautiful life became once I decided I required more for myself. My hope is that by illustrating my story it will encourage others to embrace what’s on the other side. When you choose yourself and accept the seemingly bad moments, they can and will become a blessing.

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