Undiscovered California

Undiscovered California

Undiscovered California

An exclusive view of landmarks often overlooked. Photographic display by Jared Lawson.

Exibition Dates: April 28, 2014 - May 22, 2014

Artist Statement

Throughout my childhood and my early adulthood, photography was my creative outlet. I couldn’t paint or sculpt… I found photography. And after a while, I felt like photography had become my expression of people, life and culture. 

However, as I reached 30 years old, my memory began to fade rather quickly. While many people have the ability to recall the finest details of the most important and beautiful moments of their lives, the smells, the sounds, the feelings, and something as simple as the location, I do not. I have a disorder called RSBD - a neurological disorder that affects my REM sleep and causes premature memory loss. This turning point in my life transformed photography from a focus of people, life and culture to a focus of documenting the details and experiences in my life I would otherwise forget. 

This gallery exhibition is of California, my home. My photographs are taken after careful planning of optimum lighting and ideal conditions to create dramatic colors and the finest landscapes. I have spent hours waiting for the perfect moments to capture scenes, often in bitter cold or blistering heat. While one day, I may not remember the details of these photos or even the directions to these locations, my pictures will always document the places I’ve been and the exact location I stood when the shutter clicked. 

The photographs on display were shot on a mix of medium format film and digital format. Framed photographs are printed on the highest quality Fuji paper and mounted using museum grade acrylic. These prints are mounted within linen mats that I make custom for each piece. Finally mounted in 100% wood frames, these framed prints are printed, mounted and framed using long lasting high quality materials. Unframed photographs are printed using modern printing technology. These prints are printed onto metal and floated directly on the wall without frames. Metal prints offer higher contrasts and color depth than typical photo paper. 

—Jared Lawson

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