WELL Documented

WELL Documented

WELL Documented

A photo exhibition commemorating 5 years of The WELL. Featuring student and campus community participating in recreation and wellness.


Exibition Dates: April 27, 2015 - May 21, 2015

Artist Statement

WELL Documented is an exhibition that celebrates nearly 5 years of campus recreation at Sacramento State. The WELL facility on campus opened on September 2nd, 2010.  Since that time, the campus community has embraced the building’s mission of “Lifetime Wellness through Collaboration, Education, and Innovation.”  

This exhibition captures professional photographs of students, faculty, staff, and alumni enjoying various programs and services including fitness classes, intramural sports, rock climbing, and special events.

The students of Sacramento State selected the photos you see here on display. After the exhibition here in the Gallery, the photos will find their permanent home on the walls throughout The WELL. We felt it was important for students to have a voice in which photographs would be printed and displayed throughout the building for years to come. 

The prints are all done on metal, which maintains a traditional photographic look while giving you a unique boldness and depth of color not typically seen in a photograph. We selected this material because of the luminescent quality and the sleek look and design, which was felt, matched the aesthetics of the WELL building.

WELL Documented celebrates Sac State’s commitment to wellness while starting a tradition of documenting the history of our campus recreation through photographic prints.

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