Chong Kim

Chong Kim

Date: March 6, 2014

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Chong Kim, a US. Citizen, was born in South Korea and came to the United States as a toddler. She was 19 and living in Dallas when, in 1994, a man convinced her to go with him to Florida. Abused as a child, Kim said she was more vulnerable to his advances. “I had low self-esteem,” she said. Her kidnapper posed as her boyfriend for two weeks and developed a relationship with her before selling her to traffickers. Drugged and beaten frequently by her captors, Kim suffered three years in the sex trade. One day, after her trafficker locked her inside a room in a casino, Kim crawled into the air vents. Once outside, she stole a man’s car by knocking him unconscious with the heel of her shoe and escaped.Today, Chong Kim is a dedicated human and civil rights advocate and speaker. She works alongside those who are striving to end slavery and injustice and empower victims and survivors alike.

The film, Eden, will be screened at 5 pm and Chong Kim will lecture at 7:30 pm. Both events were held in the  Sacramento State’s University Union Ballroom on Thursday, March 6.

Co-sponsored by Women's Resource Center and Kappa Psi Epsilon.

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