Wednesday Nooner: Diamond Dez

Wednesday Nooner: Diamond Dez

Date: February 19, 2014

Show Information

Diamond Dez is a Sacramento based musician with a huge regional buzz! She started her public career as an alternative model, landing spots in and on magazines from California all the way to the U.K. Although modeling is a hobby for Dez, her passion has always been singing and writing music. She started singing and performing at the age of 4. She grew up on stage, in church and in school talent shows. Dez was never a shy performer. Diamond Dez writes her own music. She has a long history of dance which she showcases in her free style performances.

She has worked with very successful musicians and people who have inspired her along the way, such as; Lady Gaga and Chino Moreno. She is sponsored by Rockeresque Beauty Company, a makeup line out of San Diego, Capital Ink Tattoos, Sheena Godi & company, Plug Club, an ear plug company from Sacramento and she has recently become the face of Exclusive Diamond Boutique, an accessory line, who sponsor her as well.

Diamond Dez’s performance was held at Sacramento State’s The University Union Redwood Room on Wednesday, February 19, 2014. 

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